CEO Message

Today, our top priority is to continue the development of Bushehr Port. After the Islamic Revolution in the late 1970s, the development projects of Bushehr Port started after the Iran-Iraq War and lasted until the early 1980s. About a decade later, in 1995, the second development phase of Bushehr Port was completed. Now that nearly a decade has passed since the start of the second development plan after the revolution in Bushehr Port, the third development plan which will be the biggest development plan of Bushehr Port must be implemented in Negin Island in the minimum possible time.

Our goal is to develop the Negin port complex and get rid of perpetual deadlock in Bushehr Port and address limited hinterland access which is an obstacle for efficient use of significant marine capacities of this port.

We seek to implement the landlord management model in Negin Port Complex which means perfect investment for private sector to construct infrastructure, superstructure and equipment supply. We did this in a smaller scale as a new investment model, for the first time in commercial ports in the country. All superstructures and equipment of Bushehr Port's container terminal were established and funded by private operators.

Due to the desire of customers and owners of goods for container shipping, we do our best to build a modern container terminal with all the required facilities in Negin Port Complex, as well as a logistic park and added value industries in its hinterland so that we can upgrade Bushehr Port to a third generation port which is not merely a place for loading and unloading goods. In addition, the construction of a terminal for import, export and transit of liquid bulks will be on the agenda as another advantage of Bushehr Port.

Another important priority for us is to increase the efficiency of port operations in current terminals, so that we can improve our competitiveness in Bushehr Port and satisfy our customers more than ever.

To accomplish these important and strategic goals, scholars, experts, owners of goods, shipping lines and all stakeholders are asked to help us with their valuable comments to accelerate the productivity development and growth of the port.

We proudly move in the development course of Bushehr Port in order to get this historic port to its prominent position.


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