Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Declaration of arrival and docking

The arrival declaration form contains information about the ship and its cargo for entry to the port. Its sample can be found here (the arrival declaration form).

] Approximately a week before the arrival of the ship in the harbor or upon departure of the ship from the port of origin at distances less than one week, the shipping representative must introduce himself as the representative and assume all responsibilities, and also fill in the said form and submit it to the Bureau of Maritime Affairs (Control Secretariat) via fax or email.

Control Secretariat fax number: 31666458 (phone number for follow-up and receiving confirmation: 31666448)

Maritime Affairs email:

In addition, the shipping representative is required to provide all details of the ship, goods, legal, technical and insurance certificates to offshore services.

] After confirming the vessel arrival declaration form by the Control Secretariat, the form is recorded in the comprehensive marine system and sent to the relevant units by the Control Secretariat.

] If the shipping representative asks for permission to enter ships with technical defects or without navigation competence, then the Maritime Affairs must guide ships into the port after approval of the ships control and inspection unit.

] If the ships control and inspection unit does not confirm the vessel arrival, the shipping representative shall take the necessary action to eliminate defects before entering the port and then submit a written request for the vessel inspection.

] The vessel arrival operations in the comprehensive marine system are confirmed by the port financial units, the port control and inspection, the port affairs and the security officer, and finally the confirmation is sent to the Maritime Affairs (marine services).

- Good operating conditions for docking is determined by the expert responsible for marine operations, and preparation for loading and unloading of cargos including equipment, yard, warehouse, etc. is determined by the dock operations office, head of marine unit/Maritime Affairs expert. According to the ship specifications (length, width and draft) and the type of goods, they specify the appropriate dock and declare it to the port control.

] The port control must make arrangements with the expert responsible for marine operations to send pilot, tug, pilot boat, mooring boat and sailors and dock the vessel.

The shipping company representative is determined for the following purposes:

A.     Payment of duties and port costs relating to the ship

B.      Providing services to the ship and crew

C.      Assuming responsibility for possible damages from the ship to facilities, equipment and marine environment