Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Frequency plan of Bushehr Port

§  Numbers in the Province column reflect the preferences of channels for that use.

§  A 6-channel VHF band for coordinating search and rescue operations with dedicated flight units.

§  Safety affairs, including operations related to hydrography, marine lighting and dredging.

§  Electronic and repair workshop; if testing on other channels is necessary, minimal power and the Load Dummy device should be used.

§  In Bushehr province, the Foroozan, Abouzar, Soroosh and Hendijan platforms and the SP9, E4, Alborz, Modarress, Movarab, and DD5 drilling rigs are operational.

§  Only Asia Aram Company is licensed to operate in the marine frequency band of Bushehr Province.

§  No shipping company and no company dependent on oil, gas and petrochemical industries is allowed to exclusively use marine channels without the approval of the Bureau of Maritime Affairs.