Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Providing logistics services

-          The shipping representative of the service-applicant vessel must submit a letter containing the request for the service vessels of the port such as tug or boat, to the marine operations unit (dock office).

-          Such a letter must be submitted by the marine operations unit to the financial unit for obtaining financial approval of the shipping representative company.

-          In the event of receiving approval from the financial unit, the marine operations unit must make arrangements with the port control to send a tug or boat.

-          The marine operations unit must confirm the performance report on the port service vessels received from the commander of the boat or tug and send it to the financial unit for billing.

-          Finally, the financial unit must issue an invoice for the service-applicant vessel according to the performance report and deliver it to the shipping representative company.

List of companies authorized to provide safety equipment and services:

1.      Darya Imen Company

2.      Setareh Sahabi Company

3.      Naji Sazan Pishro Company

4.      Iran Industrial and Engineering Services Company

List of institutions and companies authorized to issue a towage certificate:

1.      Asian Classification Institute

2.      Iranian Classification Institute

3.      Zharfa Lian Inspection Company