Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Pilotage tariffs

According to Article 21 of Chapter IV of Iranian Maritime Law (Volume 1), pilotage fees are charged in accordance with the tariff determined for each port, and the port authority cannot charge fees more than the applicable tariff rate.

Fee: It is a tariff which is received for covering the costs of services provided for the ship and goods.

Port fees accrued on all ships are calculated and received in dollar and American cent for values less than one dollar based on the rate of Currency Exchange Center (act of meeting No. 1716, dated December 03, 2012).

According to Part A of Chapter 1 of the tariff manual for port rights, dues and fees accrued on ships, the pilotage fee include the following:

1.      Anchoring and unanchoring

2.      Ship guidance

3.      Docking and undocking

Pilotage fee in Bushehr Port is charged depending on the ship types, and Tables 1 and 3 in the tariff manual. The calculation is based on the vessel's GT.

Pilotage fee for container and ro/ro ships (Table 1): 8.71 C/GT

Pilotage fee for non-container and non-oil ships (Table 1): 17.42 C/GT

Pilotage fee for oil ships (Table 3): 40 C/GT

- Pilotage fee in non-office hours (from 3 to 7 pm) will increase by 10% and at night (from 7 pm o 7 am) and holidays, Thursdays and Fridays by 20%.

- Pilotage fee includes ship guidance, anchoring and unanchoring, docking and undocking. Therefore, if the ship is transferred from the inner harbor and docked at the request of the marine services company, shifting fee should be calculated and collected unless otherwise is set by administrative requirements. In case of towage operations, related cost is calculated and collected according to Table 4.

- According to Clause 4 of Table 1 of the tariff manual, no fee is charged to transfer the pilot to the ship and vessel for the services of vessels (pilot, boat, tug, etc.).

- Shifting cost in the dock is 7.26 cents with the pilot per GT and 3 cents per GT with ropes. In the case of towage, its fee is calculated and collected based on Table 1. If the shifting operation is done based on administrative requirements, no cost will be charged.

- The absence of pilot on passenger ships (excluding cargo-passenger ships) and services vessels such as tugs, dredgers, oil pollution collection vessels, fuel and water vessels is allowed only if one of the following conditions exists, provided that the relevant shipping companies accept all responsibilities and it has been previously arranged with the control tower. For this type of vessels, pilotage fees will not be calculated:

1.      The vessel is owned or leased by government organizations or private sector (regardless of nationality).

2.      The vessel provides services within the outer harbors.

3.      The vessel has at least 3 trips to the port within 6 months.

4.      The vessel has an Iranian commander.

5.      The vessel commander wants to enter the port without a pilot.

According to the tariff manual, port costs accrued on ships include:

1.      Pilotage cost

2.      Dredging cost

3.      Cost of stoppage by the dock

4.      Towage cost

5.      Cost of garbage collection for the vessel

6.      Cost of collecting bilge

7.      Demand (overtime)

Note: The above items are related to the costs, rights and duties of the ship including the fee of entering the port openings, the fee of entering the port, the fee of loading and unloading at the dock, the fee of loading and unloading at the harbor and the lighthouse fees.

Cost: A tariff that is received to cover the costs of providing goods and services to the ship.

Port costs accrued on all ships are calculated and collected in USD (in cents for values less than one dollar) based on the rate of Currency Exchange Center (act of meeting No. 1716, dated December 03, 2012).

Towage fees are calculated according to Tables 1 to 5 of the tariff manual for the ships which is based on the vessel's GT.

-          Towage cost for container and ro/ro ships: 15.84 C/GT

-          Towage cost for non-container/non-oil ships: 26.4 C/GT

-          Towage cost for passenger and cargo-passenger ships: 15.4 C/GT

-          Towage cost for oil/non-oil tankers is calculated according to Table 4 of the tariff manual.