Thursday Sep 24, 2020

history background

Historical background of Bushehr port dates back to ILam epoch that was recognized as Lyan at that period.
at Sassanid dynasty , it was narrated that the mentioned place was the village developed by sassanid Ardeshir.
to support this idea, it should be mentioned that the ruins of Rishehr castle is Located in the vicinity of Bushehr that recently the remains of ditches (Wells) in process of archeological & scientic discoveries are discovered.
It should be noted that the recent discoveries indicated that Bushehr had been a developed and residential place at Islamic epoch over 4000 years ago
Bushehr is one of the primary cities that has imported Lithography and many of the important cities of Iran took benefit from the modern industries such as electricity and manufacturing the icebox.
because of the making fortune consequently , representative buildings of foreign companies and the consulates of foreign governments such as Britain, Germany and Osmanid were erected that some of them can be observed even at this time.