Thursday Sep 24, 2020

Introduction and duties


Marine units

Towage refers to a set of operations that the tug performs under the supervision of a pilot for docking and undocking of the ships.

Marine units, as a part of the Maritime Affairs, are located at the dock operations office (marine services unit). Their main activities and responsibilities include monitoring and control of activities and functions of tugs and pilot vessels and boats. The marine units of this administration participate in all operations, including docking and undocking, shifting, STS, SPM, and SBM operations.

Now, tugs and pilot and mooring boats of this administration are transferred to a private company which is responsible for navigation and maintenance of the service vessels of the port.

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Docking and undocking of vessels including commercial, passenger, etc.

-          Participation in marine firefighting operations

-          Participation in the relief and rescue operations

-          Transfer of pilots to ships

-          Transfer of the pass group of ships

-          Performing clearing operations and collecting oil and combating pollution at sea

-          Performing buoying operations and maintenance of navigational aid marks

-          Maritime patrol to control and protect the port's operational scope