Benefits of special zone and investment opportunities

Goals of forming the special zone 


     Providing facilities for major domestic and foreign buyers to access the goods needed in this zone and easy access to regional markets, and development of foreign trade of the country

·        Attraction of domestic and foreign investment

·        Increased domestic production and development of non-oil exports

·        Creating a regional business arena according to the markets of Central Asian and the Persian Gulf states, and effective operation of these markets using the external transit facilities, export and re-export

·        Creating jobs and increasing specialist staff

·        Accelerating the performance of infrastructure and economic development of the zone

                ·        Adjusting the commodity market and providing public services 


Supports, facilities, and legal discounts

·        Ability to stop goods with initial lasting up to 3 months, and renewable at the discretion of the zone management

·        Possibility of domestic and foreign investment and participation

·        Ability to process goods and create value-added in the special zone

·        Ability to transit and re-export of incoming goods with minimal paperwork

·        Ability to operate machinery, equipment and other facilities needed to invest in the special zone without payment of customs duties

·        Ability to issue separate negotiable warehouse receipts

·        Ability to issue the origin certificates for goods that leave the zone and enter the destination

·        Ensuring foreign investment and profit from it

·        Duty-free entry for goods made in the zone to the country by the value-added figure

·        Possibility of goods entry without order registration, with minimum customs formalities and without customs duties

·        Quick and easy access to internal manufacturing centers, and delivery of raw materials and goods in the zone in the shortest possible time

·        Creating competition for the growth and development of domestic industries and enhancing the quality of domestically produced goods

·        Complete freedom of arrival and departure of capital

·        Creating competitive markets in various investment areas

·        Facilities and discounts specific to the Bushehr zone

·        A 20% discount on the customs interests and duties

·        A 75% discount on shipping costs of exporting goods, 50% discount on warehousing costs and 60% discount on the THC cost of these goods

·        A 90% discount on the duties of vessels carrying capotage goods

·        The nearest portal special economic zone to the Persian Gulf countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)

·        Existence of shipbuilding industries, offshore industries and regular shipping lines for carrying cargo, passenger and container

·        Possibility of using 35-hectare land of Negin Island (expandable to 70 hectares) for investment and benefiting from advantages of special zones and exclusive road access to the Persian Gulf Highway (Bushehr-Borazjan)

·        An international airport with 5 km distance from the Special Zone and transit through air, sea and land.

·        Existence of various industries in the province including the giant South Pars project, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, fisheries industries, nuclear power plant, date packing industries, palm plantations, shrimp farms, and proximity of these areas to the special economic zone of Bushehr Port.

·        Quick access to consumption centers and markets of Fars and Isfahan provinces through suitable roads for the transport of goods

·        Proximity to the city center and easy access to appropriate urban facilities

·        Existence of "import and export of services centers" in the port, and the integration of all the different administrations and those involved in the imports and exports in this place, in order to accelerate business affairs (single window system)

·        Having appropriate urban facilities in the vicinity of the zone such as modern hotels, hospitals, etc.

·        Proximity of the Bushehr Special Economic Zone No. 2 to this zone (approximately 20 km) as adequate hinterland for indefinite transfer and storage of goods and containers 


Special features

·        Closest southern port to the Persian Gulf states (Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)

·        Possibility of using 35-hectare land of Negin Island (expandable to 70 hectares) in order to invest in this island by benefiting from the advantages of special zones and private road access

·        Closest southern port to the capital city after Imam Khomeini Port

·        An international airport with 3 km distance from the port

·        Proximity to the quarries and building materials factories such as cement and plaster

·        The shortest distance to the production and consumption centers of Fars, Isfahan and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces

Investment opportunities:

The main investment opportunities in the Bushehr Special Economic Zone is related to the Negin complex and subsidiary ports. The most important ones are as follows:

Negin Port Complex:

Features that make the land of Negin complex valuable for port use are as follows:

·        Proximity of the Negin Complex to the land and very low depths within the connectable range to the land

·        Proximity to the sea-port access channel

·        Separation of water and land from urban areas

·        The relatively appropriate and extendable size

This island provides good opportunities for investment for applicants in the following fields:

·        Terminal for liquid bulk materials, including petroleum and chemical materials

·        Terminal for glacial goods

·        Terminal for half-bulk and general goods

·        Creating value added, such as processing, packaging and assembly of light industries

·        Container terminal 


Subsidiary ports:

·        Assignment of some ports (Kangan, Delaware, Dier, etc.) to applicants of operation and management of terminals

·        Investment in the construction of plants and power generation, water supply systems, waste collection and reception facilities, purveying services for the fleet logistics

·        A board for resolving disputes of workers and employers in the special zone

·        The arbitration board was established in the Bushehr Special Economic Zone according to Article 16 of the Act of Establishing and Managing Special Economic Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Article 17 of its implementing regulations (ratified by the Supreme Council of Free Trade and Industrial Zones, May 22, 2006) and for the enforcement of Article 29 of regulations for employment, insurance and social security in special economic zones (Decree No. 33433/T25 K dated June 06, 1994). Since any dispute between the employee and the employer (in relation to the employment contract) in the special zone must be addressed by the said board, all employees and workers who operate in the zone must be properly informed. The board secretariat is currently placed in the security and guard building and is ready to receive all claims and complaints by workers this zone.