Thursday Sep 24, 2020


Fueling services to metal and wooden vessels:

The launch owner’s cooperative, shipping representative, contractors of service, search and rescue vessels, etc. send their fuel request through the Tejarat Asan system ( along with the vessel documents to the marine services unit.

Documents required for the introduction and submitting the fuel request to the National Iran Oil Productions Distribution Company (NIOPDC):

1.      Vessel registration certificate

2.      Safety certificate

3.      Vessel traffic manual

4.      Vessel unloading or loading manifesto

5.      Vessel shifting permission letter

The copy of all documents mentioned must be scanned in the Asan Tejarat system, related to the NIOPDC, and the registered request number must be declared to the marine services unit to review the documents.

The marine service unit examines the vessel documents through the Asan Tejarat system.

1.      If the vessel documents are complete, then the request is sent to the NIOPDC system through the Asan Tejarat system.

2.      If the vessel documents are not complete, then the marine services unit returns the request to the shipping or contractor company which resends the request to the marine services unit after completing documents. Then the action will be taken in accordance with Clause 1.

If the vessel cannot dock in the NIOPDC dock due to a large draft, the fuel applicant must perform the following steps to use the refueling tanker and enter the port to refuel the ship:

1.      After receiving the fuel receipt and fuel loading in the NIOPDC with ground tanks, the fuel applicant must submit the request for entering a tanker to the port for refueling the ship to the Maritime Affairs unit.

2.      The Maritime Affairs unit sends the request to the marine guard to allow the ground tanker enter to the port yard.

3.      After seeing the confirmation, the port guard calls the fire department to send fire trucks to the gate; and prevents the entry of ground tankers to the port until the fire trucks arrive.

4.      The fire department sends fire trucks to the exit gate in order to escort ground tankers from the guard gates to the ship. Fire trucks must stay STBY besides the ship during the refueling process.

5.      The HSE unit regularly visits the port yards. If they observe unsafe situations during the refueling operation, they must inform the person in charge of loading and unloading operations.

6.      The person in charge of loading and unloading operations must immediately visit the scene and take measures to resolve unsafe situations.